My current artwork is divided in many passions, but they all converge at one point.First the environment; I paint on whatever I can find but specially cardboard, this way I can give a tree that was one day a home to animals a second chance, by not letting it go to waste and making it into something somebody can have in their home and enjoy.

I have been working as a Visual Journalist and Illustrator, creating graphics on an extensive number of subjects. I started to incorporate these facts into some of my paintings, especially the ones on endangered species.
The other visible element is a gas mask. I started using them after September 11th, when the world was going to hell for a few months, after the anthrax scare, the inevitable new attack. The mask became my symbol to try to get away and breathe another air.
A new character in my body of work is a female that I call “The silent one”. She is the daughter of “La Catrina”, and was given the duty to go around the world, taking all animals who are endangered. She spends hours or days playing with them, and only after she makes sure they are happy, she puts them to “sleep”.


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